Kiernan French

Padi Certified Dive Master


Kiernan is a US Navy Sailor who holds the certification of dive master. Since joining Sigonella Scuba Club, he has had the opportunity to dive in some beautiful locations around the Mediterranean and was quick to step up when the club needed someone to fill the position of Secretary. Kiernan is a knowledgible and skilled diver that is always more then willing to assist other divers, be a buddy to a solo diver and teach other divers about the newest gear. 

Jeff Seymour


Padi Certified Instructor


Jeff is a retired United States Marine, currently working for the US Navy. Like many veterans today Jeff has been forward deployed and understands the stressors and struggles that come back with them. Since receiving his Open Water certification, diving has become a form of therapy. Spending as much time as possible under the water, because he finds peace beneath the surface. As he begins his Dive Master internship, he aims to become a HSA certified instructor, donating his time to teach other wounded warriors how to dive. Allowing them the opportunity to experience what he has; finding peace and tranquility through scuba.

Gee Genaro
SA & Recruitment

Padi Certified Rescue Diver


Gee is a US Navy Veteran of 24 years who was originally stationed in Sigonella, from 1995-1998 and again from 2001 to 2003 both times falling in love a bit more with Sicily. During his time in the Navy Gee served aboard five different vessels, and served as a Search and Rescue swimmer. In 2007 Gee returned to Sicily and made it his second home. Transforming his love of the sea from swimming on the surface to the relaxation of the deep. As he starts his Divemaster internship, he hopes to one day assist all Veterans in using scuba diving in the Mediterranean as the cure to what ails them. 

Our board is comprised of both Sicilians and Americans who are excited about sharing our love of scuba and the wonderful places we travel to with others.  We come from all walks of life and backgounds and have found our community through diving. 

Board Members

Sigonella Scuba Club

Kathleen Seymour

Public Affairs Officer

Padi Certified Instructor


Kathleen is married to Jeff and has been there with him as he battles PTSD; at the same time dealing with her own depression, anxiety and pain disorder. For her getting dive certified was the scariest and best thing she’s ever done. Since receiving her Open Water certification, diving and watching the effects on Jeff as he is diving has brought her pure peace and happiness. As she begins her Dive Master internship, she aspires to become an HSA Instructor contributing her time to teaching wounded warriors and others with physical, mental and emotional challenges how to dive. 

Mario Gangi

Video Editor

Padi Certified AOW & Deep Diver

Certified Drone Operator/Pilot


Underwater video maker/instructor Mario Gangi has made the sea his second home. Mario believes that the art of breathing underwater represents, not only a sort of elixir of long life, but the existential and virtuous condition through which it is possible to find the deep reasons for one’s existence.

Alfio Balsamo

Underwater Photographer

PADI HSA Certified Diver


Underwater Photographer Alfio Balsamo should be as an inspiration to all divers. Despite his hearing loss Alfio communicates both above and below the surface with all of the divers he encounters, sharing his knowledge and teaching us to be better divers and photographers. Since his original certification with Carmelo 7 years ago, Alfio has continually improved with every dive and has even become a snorkeling guide collaborating with Jonio Pro Dive in Catania. Through underwater photography and his go pro he expresses his feelings and gratitude for the sport of Scuba diving; capturing the breathtaking images that he does takes patience and an ability to see the beauty of all things. His total immersion is proof that he has never used his disability as an excuse. As part of the Sigonella Scuba Club team Alfio truly enjoys learning the habits and customs of club members from the United States and all over the world through their shared passion for the sea and diving. He would like to invite other hearing impaired people interested in diving to come forward and learn from Carmelo.

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